• Uday K. Thapa

    Climate, Hydrology & Vegetation Dynamics in Nepal Himalaya

    Uday K. Thapa is a doctoral candidate University of Minnesota’s Department of Geography, Environment and Society. After completing his M. Sc. in Environmental Science from GoldenGate International College (Tribhuvan University) in Nepal, he joined the Center for Dendrochronology at the University of Minnesota in Fall 2014.
    Uday is an environmental scientist whose research focuses on investigating impacts of climate change in forest and hydrology in the Nepal Himalaya. He uses the science of dendrochronology to understand variations in climate and hydrology in the Himalaya. His work also involves examining the impacts of climate change in dynamics of the Himalayan treeline ecotones. Mr. Thapa carried out his M. Sc. dissertation in Khaptad National Park, one of the mid-mountain ecosystems in western Nepal that suggested spring climate is the key limiting factor for the growth of the Himalayan conifers. He has also reconstructed the spring temperature for the last four centuries that showed several episodes of cool and warm periods and recent (20th century) warming. His research showed that climate of western Nepal Himalaya might have some connections with global climate system like ENSO.
    Uday's academic adviser for his PhD program is Dr. Scott. St. George. For his PhD dissertation, Uday is currently working to understand the paleohydrology of the Koshi River watershed in eastern Nepal by establishing a new network of tree ring-width and oxygen isotope (δO18) records .
    As a teaching assistant, Uday taught several undergraduate courses including Introduction to Meteorology (GEOG1425, Fall 2014) Biogeography of Global Garden (GEOG1403, Spring 2015, Fall2015) and Geography of Environmental Systems and Global Change (GEOG3401, Spring 2016.. He has experience of working as a research intern in a tree-ring lab run by Department of Forest Research and Survey, Government of Nepal. He also worked as a Research Associate in Resources Himalaya Foundation, a research organization in Nepal.
  • Publications

    Uday's complete list of publications is available in his [CV] and Google Scholar profile.

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    Spring temperature

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